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Baypoint's Idaone QAA (Ida)

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whelped January 13th, 2019

All black; 5 males and 2 females

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expected litters from Sara, Tippy and Envy for the 2019/20 season



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We have been breeding labrador retrievers for over 30 years, and have strove hard to create a line that produces well rounded puppies suitable for any environment.  Be it a loving companion and house pet, a driven loyal hunting dog, or a competitive proven trial dog, we have the pup for you.  Our dogs are gentle in nature, have great temperaments, and a natural instinct to retrieve.  They will provide you with boundless love and affection and work with you as a team, eager to become an important part of your family.

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For any of these breedings, contact Gloria at 519-429-9120 or email at baypt.kennels@gmail.com

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