"From our first visit to Baypoint we were quite impressed with the grounds and the facilities. Very clean and organized. Our chocolate lab loves going to Baypoint he gets the attention he needs. We put all our trust in the staff at Baypoint who seem very knowledgeable about dogs and your  dogs needs." We drive an hour to take him there but its totally worth the drive knowing he is staying at a place where he is in good hands". .....Ingrid (Trooper)


"Well, I think Baypoint is the best ..... Salsa--the very mild Salsa--who comes as close to being the perfect old lady's gentle and companionable dog as it is possible to come, loves to swim and loves to fetch.  Gloria force-fetched her during was it my first or my second hip replacement and emerged in high spirits and adoring Gloria whom she later when sopping wet searched out in a crowd and fell upon with cries of delight. ...

Baypoint can accommodate an enormous range--an entire spectrum.

So, I think Baypoint and the Baypointers are wonderful and visionary and imaginative trainers."......Emily Cain, owner of 2 standard poodles (OTCh Castor MH and Salsa WCX, JH)


Dan-.... I'm so happy with the great job you did with Maddie... ....Di H (FTCH AFTCH Maddie)


The 4 hours that I spent with Dan yesterday was the best training session that I have ever had in the 10 plus years that I have been with Baypoint Kennel.   Trapper looks great and I was impressed with the marking, in both land and water....  Thank you ....Wally W (Trapper)


"Dan and Gloria have brought out the absolute best in my dog. She is biddable, stylish and has all of her own personality at the same time. I cannot say enough about the care and consideration that has gone into their training program." ....Bob F (Daisy)